Students... This entire website (with the exception of the Mrs. B part) is for you ...not just this one page. I wanted to give you a page with the most frequently used links to make all resources handy. Let me know if you want links added to this page. Mrs. G


  • Dewey is the library mascot, who uses hangs out at the circulation desk in the library but occasionally travels around the library.
  • Dewey is based on a real book. Dewey Record Link
  • Dewey FaceBook Page (Sorry this is blocked @school but is worth visiting @home)

Hempfield Pages


Research Project Pages


Reading Pages


Technology Links


Web 2.0 for Students

  • Evernote – note taking applications available, you can sync notes to the web, a phone, and a computer. You can save text, audio, and images including screenshots, webpages, and photos taken with your camera phone), and everything. You can even search within your Evernote collection.
  • Diigo – Social Bookmarking Tool that lets you highlight, stickies. and comments to webpages. You can also share your work with others.

Students the above tools all require account sign-ups. BE SAFE -- Work with your parents on this! Never give away personal information!!! Some of these tools have minimum age requirements as well.


Student Weblinks and Fun

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