This wiki is designed to support the research needs of the students in the Centerville Middle School. The only desired and/or intended gain will be hopefully seen in the Research Skills of the students in this school.
  • Thanks go to Wikispaces for providing the structure of this space without them these website would not exist.
  • Microsoft Word was used to create banners and link icons. After reviewing the Microsoft Website it appears that use of Microsoft clipart in a non-profit way without alteration of graphics is considered acceptable use. All graphics using this clipart were created using a legally purchased copy of Microsoft Office.
  • Mrs. BQuiet is a graphic designed by Mr. Carroll, a Hempfield High School Social Studies Teacher. Mr. Carroll created this character specifically for this librarian's intended usage.
  • Database icons are added solely to promote and increase the use of these research tools. Whenever possible search widgets are used. It is the sincere desire of this librarian that all databases will offer search widgets such as those offered by Cengage Gale allowing for direct searching of database resources and eliminating the need for use of commercial icons on these webpages.
  • Inspiration perhaps one of the easiest to use graphic organizer program's screenshots were used to assist teaching of this graphic resource tool.
  • Twitter Bird design is from (Thank you!)
  • Please note the Wikispace Creative Commons license reference at the bottom of this page for use of information presented herein.
  • Many of the resources and Web 2.0 tools were brought to my attention by a very special librarian, Joyce Valenza who also deserves credit for much of my inspiration for many parts this website.
  • Thanks also go to Creative Commons, for making it very easy for students to tell which multi-media items on the Internet they can or cannot use.

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