There are three different types of Library Passes:

  1. Revolving Door Passes: These passes are for students who want to come to the library to QUICKLY check out or return a book.
  2. Recreational Reading Passes: These passes are for students who want to stay and read the entire period.
  3. Research Flex Passes: Are for students that are currently working on school research projects.

Obtaining Passes:

  • Revolving Door Passes: Each Team Teacher can send ONE student at a time to the library during Flex. Students wishing to go to the library to quickly go get or return a book must ask their Team Flex Teacher for a pass.
  • Recreational Reading Passes: Non-Team Flex Teachers are given a quota number of students that they can send down to the library to read during flex. Students wishing to go to the library to read for the entire period must ask their Non-Team Flex Teacher for a pass.
  • Research Flex Passes: You can obtain a Research Pass when you are in the library with your class or from your Teacher who assigned the project during class or Flex after the class time in the library. Research Pass quotas are set daily via email and are based on the number of classes working on projects at the same time. Teachers wanting their students to work in the library during Flex must ask the librarian to be added to the daily list and include a date when this passes will no longer be needed.

Completing Passes

  • Students are expected to complete the "Student Complete" section of the pass prior to asking their Flex Teacher to sign.
  • Flex Teachers must complete in the "Flex Teacher Completes" section prior to the student leaving the classroom.
  • Students arriving in the Library with incomplete passes will be asked to return to their Flex Classroom.
  • Sample completed pass follow"

In the Hallway..

  • Students leave the white copy of the pass with their Flex Teacher and use the remaining two parts (intact) as their pass to the library.
  • Students are expected to come directly to the library WITHOUT stopping at lockers and restrooms on the way.

Checking in the Library

  • Students with Recreational Reading or Revolving Door passes check in at the Circulation Desk where a Library Helper or Professional will record the time of arrival on the pass.
  • Students with Research Passes will proceed directly to the Library classroom where they will check in with the Librarian who will record arrival time on the pass and who will be able to assist students with their research.
  • Students who take longer than 4 minutes to get to the library from their Flex classroom will be sent back to their Flex Room and the Flex Teacher will be notified of their return by phone.

Working in the Library

  • Students are expected to have an educational reason for coming and to stay on-task during their time in the library.
  • Students who view library use as a social opportunity will be asked to return to their Flex classes after at least one warning.
  • The library staff strives to maintain a quiet atmosphere that provides students with an opportunity to absorb, read, and reflect on the resources they have chosen to use to complete school projects or read for recreational purposes.

Leaving the Library

  • ONLY students with Revolving Door Passes may leave the library during the middle of any class period. All other students are expected to stay until the end of the period.
  • Students with Revolving Door Passes are expected to stay in the Library no longer than 10 minutes. When these students are ready to return to their Flex class, they must retrieve the Pink part of their Library Pass @the Library's Circulation Desk. They can then request the return authorization of either Library Professional Staff Member. These students will then use the pink copy of the original Library Pass as their hall pass.
  • The passes of students who remained in the library for the entire period will be placed in Flex Teachers mailboxes at the end of the school day for verification purposes.

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