The Centerville Middle School (CMS) Library has a wealth of resources in different mediums (fomats) that support the needs of the students, teachers, and staff of the school. These resources include those in print, non-print, electronic and online. There are almost 15,000 physical items in the collection including books, periodicals, pamphlets and non-print media. Historical and curriculum-related periodicals are retained for five years. In addtion to print materials, patrons can access over 40 subscription (online) databases on a wide-variety of topics.

The following periodicals are available in the CMS. The Titles with the "*" are retained for 2-5 years.


Periodical Subscriptions A-M



Periodical Subscriptions N-Z


  • American Heritage*
  • American History*
  • BMX
  • Cable in the Classroom
  • Cobbletone*
  • Consumer Reports*
  • Discover*
  • Electronic Gaming
  • ESPN
  • GeoTimes*
  • Jet
  • Kids Discover*
  • Lancaster County Magazine
  • Library Media Connection*
  • Middle School Journal*
  • National Geographic*
  • National Geographic World Kids*
  • National Wildlife*
  • Newsweek*
  • Pennsylvania History*
  • People Weekly
  • Popular Mechanics*
  • Reader's Digest
  • School Arts
  • School Library Journal*
  • Sports Illustrated
  • Teacher Librarian*
  • Technology and Learning
  • Teen Vogue
  • Teen Voices
  • Time*
  • U.S. News and World Reports*

Inter-Library Loan Services
In addition to the local library resources, the CMS Library participates in the ACCESS Pennsylvania Program of resource sharing and therefore can identify, request, and borrow resources from other libraries throughout the Commonwealth. Patrons interested in this service should contact the librarian who will initiate and process the request.

Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC)
The library index is called an OPAC. This library management system, referred to as Destiny , was created by the Follett Software Corporation. The Destiny Catalog Interface provides the means to identify the library's physical items by its bibliographic search capabilities. The CMS __Destiny__ Homepage serves as a portal to the CMS Library's online resources as well as links to recommended research support websites. This OPAC is web-based and therefore is accessible any place in the world. All district library collection's can be searched via this Destiny management system.

Online Subscription Databases
The CMS Library's online services also includes a collection of over 50 subscription databases supported by both district and the Commonwealth (Access PA Power Library) funds. These databases provide resources that support the school's curriculum. The wide scope of these databases insures that CMS Library Patrons have access to the resources they need for all of their classes both in school and @home. Hempfield supported databases are accessed @Home through the CMS __Destiny__ Homepage with passwords and the Power Library databases are accessed via the Lancaster Public Library's website. Students are introduced to these databases and provided with access instructions in integrated library classes and orientation classes. Subscription database access instruction booklets can be easily obtained upon request in the Library Media Center.

Electronic Books (eBooks)
In addition to the above, eBooks are currently being added to the collection. These eBooks are cataloged and can be accessed in Destiny OPAC or via the Gale subscription database webpage. This year we will be adding at least one eBook directly into the Destiny catalog.

The following chart provides the an estimated number of CMS Library resources, listed by category. Some basic index information has also been provided.


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