Graphically Speaking 2:

Understanding Creative Commons



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Video Introduction

Creative Commons Website Video: CC: Mayer and Bettle
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Symbols Explained

Creative Commons Website
Creative Common Symbols Explained

Activity 1: Finding Graphics with Creative Commons

  • You share a table with your partner for this activity.
  • Use the following Creative Commons Search Tool to find any image with a CC Creative Commons License. (Be sure to un-check "commercial use".) (Surprisingly, not all websites in results are CC sites.)
  • Creative Commons Search
  • Click the link to the Creative Commons license (usually at the bottom of the page)
  • Print out the Creative Commons license page
  • Put yours and your partner's name at the top of the page.
  • Answer the following questions in the margin of this printout:
  1. What must you add to your webpage always when using a CC image?
  2. If you use this CC image on your webpage can you place ads and make money from this website in the future?
  3. Can you remix or change this image?

Activity 2: Using Google Images to find "Legal to Use" images

  • Same partner as Activity 1
  • Go to Google Images and click on "Advanced Search"
  • Scroll down to "Usage Rights"
  • Pull down the "Usage Rights" menu and select "labeled for reuse with modification".
  • Search: Charlemagne +throne +flickr
  • Select the first picture of his Throne
  • Close the Google frame (By the way! When citing a picture you found using Google Images you cite the website NOT Google Images!!!)
  • Does the person who took this Flickr picture allow you to modify this picture in any way? If your answer is "Yes", are you legally allowed to make money on your new creation?
  • Put the answer to these questions on the back of your Creative Commons license printout from Activity 1.
  • Make sure your name is on this page and turn-in this completed printout to your librarian
  • Begin work on Activity 3.

Activity 3: Your Homework

  • Individually, find a "LEGAL TO USE" image that relates to your Medieval topic using a Creative Commons search or Google Images "Usage Rights" search.
  • NOTE: YOU CAN CREATE YOUR OWN IMAGE INSTEAD (Must either be created digitally or transferred to digital with a scanner or other device) You do not have to add another citation to NoodleBib if you create your own art work! Pay attention to graphic size requirements on the Graphically Speaking 1 page if you intend to create your own artwork. If you want to use someone else's artwork/image continue on....
  • Copy the URL of the webpage where the picture is found. (Highlight>Edit>Copy) IF YOU USED GOOGLE IMAGES........MAKE SURE YOU CLOSE THE GOOGLE FRAME BEFORE COPYING URL!
  • Log into Google Docs
  • Place your cursor after the last letter/punctuation mark of your paragraph and press "return" two or three times
  • Add the URL to the bottom of your Google Doc by...
  • Pasting in the URL (Edit>Paste)
  • Your URL should now be added to your Google Doc and ready for use in the Medieval Wiki.
  • Make sure Google saved your Doc (Look for "autosaved" in top right hand corner of screen.)
  • You can log out of Google Docs now!
  • If you are unable to get this done in class this will be TONIGHT'S HOMEWORK.

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