Google Trivia

Before starting Mrs. B would like to thank Google for making their help pages so organized and actually helpful!
Most of these beginning questions came directly out of those pages!
For more information on using Google to its fullest visit the
Google Search Features menu page.

  • Conduct the following searches and answer the questions on the provided worksheet. (PDF File attachment for those @Home) Questions do not have to be done consecutively.
  • Mrs. BQuiet will be very surprised if any CMS student will be able to find the answers to all questions in one class period.
  • She designed this trivia hunt for research skill, exploration, and not content purposes.
  • This Google Search Engine link will open up a new window. You can click back and forth between windows as you proceed throught this trivia hunt.

Triva Questions:Google Search Engine Link

  1. Conduct the following search: weather lancaster Question: What is the high temperature for tomorrow?
  2. Conduct the following search: ATT Question: What is the highest value of this stock today?
  3. Conduct the following search: time Madrid Question: What is the current time in Madrid?
  4. Conduct the following search: Philadelphia Flyers Question: When is the next game?
  5. Conduct the following search: 5*9+(sqrt 10)^3= Question: What is the answer to this mathematical equation?
  6. Conduct the following search: earthquake Question: Where was the most recent earthquake and what was the magnitude?
  7. Conduct the following search: 10.5 cm in inches Question: How many inches is 10.5 cm?
  8. Conduct the following search: define antonym Question: What college did it go to for the first definition?
  9. Conduct the following search: supercalafragilistespealdosis Question: What is the correct spelling of the word I was trying to type?
  10. Conduct the following search: Italian food 17601 Question: What is the first listed Italian restaurant that is close to the school?
  11. Conduct the following search: movies 17601 Question: What is the latest time you can catch Watchmen at Regal Manor 16?
  12. Conduct the following search: Harrisburg airport Question: When does the next Delta flight depart for Atlanta?
  13. Conduct the following search: 150 GBP in USD Question: How many US dollars can you get for 150 Great Britain Pounds?
  14. Conduct the following search: Denmark map Question: When did the Tivoli Gardens first open?
  15. Conduct the following search: Denmark map Question: What is the Tivoli Gardens Fax number?
  16. Conduct the following search: Patent 5123123 Question: Where in the home will this overflow device be found?
  17. Conduct the following search: 267 Question: What major city in Pennsylvania uses the 267 telephone area code?
  18. Conduct a search in Google Images: Life Magazine (Marilyn Monroe) Question: What is the month and date in 1973 that she was on the front cover of Time?
  19. Conduct a search in Google Images: Life Magazine (Drive Ins) Question: Who is the minister of the Drive-In Church in this photo collection?
  20. Conduct the following search in Google Images: bart simpson Question: What color are Bart's sneakers?
  21. Conduct an Advanced search in Google Images: An extra large, grayscale, library of congress image Question: In the photograph of Lincoln and his generals what is Abraham leaning on?
  22. Conduct a Traffic Search in Google Maps and locate: Minneapolis, MN Question: Are the roads that go over the Mississippi River running slow or fast today?
  23. In the user-contributed photos (street view) of Google Maps look at: Times Square Question: What is the name of the restaurant closest to you on the right?
  24. Zoom into Centerville Middle School using Google's Satellite Map to answer this question. Question: What is the color of the truck immediately in the front of the school?
  25. Use Google Maps to find Elvis Presley's Graceland home. Question: What very big posession of Elvis' sits directly across the street from this mansion?
  26. What is the top (1st) story in the Sports section of Google News at this time?
  27. In the Google News Archive find the answer to the following question on Hawaii's Statehood Question: On March 2, 1900 what Senator of Connecticut opposed Hawaii's bid for Statehood
  28. Take a break, we are skipping over Video and Gmail. This is an automatic free question. Relax this is supposed to be fun! Frankly, you will TOTALLY amaze Mrs. B if you got here by yourself in one class period. TOTALLY AMAZING!
  29. In the Google Books Subject Directory select the following category: Fairy Tales Question: What is the title of the first book that you can read entirely online? (Full view only!)
  30. In Google Books find the following book written by Jack Salzman: New Essays on the Catcher in the Rye Question: What is the cute two-word catch phrase at the start of the title of Chapter 4?
  31. In Google Books find the Full View of the following book: Guinness World Records 2008 Question: How many breakfasts were served by the Cowboy Breakfast Foundation on Jan. 26, 2001 in San Antonio, TX according to the chart on Page 5.
  32. Conduct the following search in the Advanced Google Scholar search screen for: Web 2.0 (exact phrase), in the Title of the Article, and published in 2009 Question: What university sponsored the article entitled "Grids Challenged by a Web 2.0 and Multicore Sandwich."?
  33. In Google Finance, find the: Price "Trend" chart Question: What company is the biggest gainer?
  34. In Google Finance, find the Sector Summary change for: Technology Question: Is the percentage change up or down?
  35. In Google Shopping find the: 2007-2008 High School Game Highlights DVD Question: What is the price of this video recording of this Hempfield vs. JP McCaskey playoff game?
  36. In Google Language Tools (linked to basic search screen) find Google Translate (Text or Webpage): Question: How do you say Orange Juice is good for you in Danish?
  37. Conduct a few Google Web searches to determine the answer to the following question: Does Google automatically conduct (combine) the searches for both the plural and singular version of your search word?
  38. Conduct a few Google Web searches to determine the answer to the following question: Do your Google results change when you use lower or upper case letters in your search word?
  39. Conduct a few Google Web searches to determine the answer to the following question: What is the video title that comes first in National Geographic's alphabetical listing of their "Most Watched" videos? Enjoy the view you are almost done!

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