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Are you new to the RSS world? If so, you should know that a Blog is simply an online journal where creators can share information with the world. An RSS feed is simply a format that allows entries (or parts of blog entries) to be listed on other websites. Mrs. B uses Google Reader which allows her to see the titles and short descriptions of the entries added to the 19 blogs she follows. She has chosen three different blogs to share below. Entries will changes as each blog is updated.

Mrs. B Reads Her Feeds @ Google Reader!

  • Sign up for a Google (& Gmail) Account.
  • Log into Google Reader and set up an Account (Reader is under "More" in Google's top bar menu)
  • Find Blog using Google's Blog Search
  • Locate and click on the feed icon (picture at top of right of this page, similar to the one the guy is standing) on the first blog you want feed into Google Reader. Copy the URL of the feed page. (It will usually have "feeds" in the URL.)
  • Note: Some blogs make it very easy to add feeds to Google on their feed page. If so just click "Google".
  • Return to Google Reader
  • Click on "Add a Subscription" at the top left of the Google Reader page.
  • In Google Reader the titles of the blogs you have decided to read are listed. The number to the right of the title is the number of feeds that you have not acknowledged reading.
  • Once you click and look at a feed in Google Reader it is marked "Read". Once you have skimmed all feed titles and read the blog entries you want to click "Mark All as Read". That way each time you return to this page it will be very easy to see the new feeds.

You can get a feed for this Wiki (To keep track of changes I make to this wiki)!

  • Click on "Manage Wiki" on the gray bar at the top of this webpage
  • Then Scroll Down and Click on the "Notifications" Link in the "Tools" Section
  • Scroll Down on the "Notifications" page and select how you want to be notified about changes to this wiki. There are several choices (email and RSS).

Something New?

Mrs. B's RSS Feed Google Bundles------

See what some influential people are reading at Google's New Power Readers webpage.
Using Google Reader? Create a bundle? Read this Google Reader Blog entry and make your own bundle.
Click on the "Preview" link in the right hand corner of each box below to see the feeds.

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