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  • Create a new learning experience for yourself everyday and you will begin to appreciate the free learning opportunities you are given in school. (Click on me to see my cherished educational background.)
  • Take pride in your work and never short-change your own capabilities.
  • May the decisions you make today, be the ones you can live with tomorrow.
  • Write it down before you forget about it....That is what I had to do on this page!
  • Future of Libraries? Check out this CNN article on libraries .
  • In the word's of Doc Brown: "Your future hasn't been written yet make it a good one."

Do Schools Really Need Libraries?
The Library Through Students Eyes
A Librarian's Response:
This is my 30 year as a School Librarian. Unfortunately, the writing has been on the wall for years as to the future of libraries and the book. Libraries will go away in the future not because they are an "has been" institution but because they are under-valued by those who don't use them. Those of us who have been lucky enough to find that one book that made our eyes weep and our hearts skip a beat know that none of the technological devices on the market today can ever replace the book in the hand. Yes, probably some day we will have that device but it certainly is not here yet....sorry Kindle you just don't cut it at this time. Yes, I will admit that I am an old fashion librarian and to me a library means books but it also means access to mediums that are not in print format. These mediums currently live in complete harmony with books and they nicely complement each other. It is in the responses to the above articles that you can see these diverse attitudes of others toward libraries. Yes, I too, am a lover of technology but when it comes to thoughtful indepth reflection on topics, I believe the book medium far outweighs its competition. How come so many people are willing to give up indepth thoughtfulness for snipets of information found in blog postings, network chatrooms, and Twitter? Is fast food information good enough? Or is today's student researcher trying to take the "easy route" as suggested in comments to the above articles?.
This is only my opinion, of course.

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