Inspiration is a graphic organizer creation program!
I can't believe it......I just found this program on the web for FREE!!! Click Here. Take advantage of this program now. This program will probably not remain free.

A Graphic Organizer is a...
  • Your librarian's definition: A graphic organizer is visual (picture) based representation of a concept, task, procedure, or list of related items.
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Note: This Inspirational Graphical Organizer was copied over as a .Gif which did not retain the hyperlink.

Icons & Tool Bars and What They Do
  1. This Picture Image can be customized with tools on the bottom tool bar.
  2. The font size can be customized but the nice feature is that the size of the icon automatically changes based on the size and amount of space needed for the label.
  3. You can add your own icons to your graphic organizer by copy and paste commands in the "Edit" menu.
  4. Click on the icon to see the resize boxes and to see where you can attach arrows.

Top Tool Bar

  1. This is outline mode
    1. This program will create your entire organizer if you type the outline.
  2. Rapid Fire Generator
    1. Click an icon in the title box, type the names of the other icons and press return. This tool will automatically create the other icons for you. There is a little lag time so be patient and they will soon pop-up
  3. Create Generator
    1. Select the middle icon and use this tool to pop out another icon in the direction you clicked on the tool.
  4. Link Generator
    1. Select the icon you want an arrow to go out from and then click the icon you want the line to point to and voila! you have linked two icons with an arrow. The best thing about this program is that you can move the positions of the icons and the arrow will remain attached. Really cool!
  5. Arrange Generator
    1. This tool provides you with several different types of icon organizational formats. Try this out and select your favorite or do your own thing.
  6. Note Generator
    1. Select the icon you want to attach a note to and click this button and you will have a note.
  7. Hyperlink
    1. Highlight what you want to hyperlink on the icon label or in the notebox, then click this tool to create a hyperlink to a website, email generator, or file.
  8. Word Guide
    1. This is your spell checker dictionary.
  9. Transfer
    1. Use this tool to transfer your graphic organizer out into a selected word processing program. You must save your file first!

Bottom Tool Bar

  1. Viewing (Zoom)
    1. Change this percentage or click the mountains to change the view of your graphic organizers. This is good for adding finer details or seeing the big picture.
  2. Font Type Selection
  3. Font Size Selection
  4. Bold Face Selection
  5. Italic Selection
  6. Underline Selection
  7. Font Color Selection
    1. Click either one of these tools to change font but remember to highlight your icon or text first.
  8. Arrow Shape Selection
  9. Arrow Type Selecton
  10. Arrow Width Selection
    1. Select your arrow(s) first and then click these to see Arrow Line choices.
  11. Create Defaults for Action (not recommended)
  12. Create Free Flowing Lines, Shapes and Boxes
  13. Move Selection
    1. This hand will move your ENTIRE diagram around the paper
  14. Color Selections
    1. Use these select tools to change the background and fill of your graphics.

Getting Started Tips
  1. Start by setting the page view so you can evenly space your icons.
  2. Start with generic plan icons and then change them after you have placed them.
  3. Use a better font than the default
  4. Keep focused on your idea. Don't use pictures that distract from your point.

Sample Student Work


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