Mrs. Sherman's Classes will be coming to the library during January to research Jazz Musicians and listen to selected musical works.
Students will have a limited amount of time to research and listen, therefore, the only steps in the research process that have been included on this Research Planner page are Step 5: Select Media (that lists librarian suggested indexes for this assignment) and Step 6: Use Tools (which supplies a list of recommended websites).

Mrs. Sherman's Recommended Website

(Once you have accessed the above webpage, click on "Jazz Resources" in the blue toolbar to access selected resources.)


Know, Understand, Do


Step 5:

Select Media


  • The pros and cons of different media types for different research needs
  • Available research tools and their media content
  • Reliability of resources provided by different research tools.


  • Using the right tool(s) for the job is essential to finding good and relevant information on a topic.
  • Poor choice of media may lead to bias, mis-informative, and non-relevant resources.


  • Choose to use topically relevant, appropriate, and reliable media tools and resources.

Visit CMS Library Resources section of this website for a complete list of available media resources.

Database with Multi-Media

(with more than one type of media)

  • Biography Resource Center
  • This database integrates award-winning biographies from respected Gale sources with related full-text articles from hundreds of magazines and newspapers, as well as tens of thousands of images and links to vetted websites." including musicians.

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Step 6:

Use Tools


  • How to use print and non-print indexes and/or database interfaces to conduct searches for needed information
  • How to manipulate electronic results lists
  • How to take advantage of database and browser features to identify needed information within records.


  • Successful and efficient researchers take advantage of all features of chosen research tools in order to improve their results.


  • Use search tools efficiently and effectively.

Using Tools Resources:

  • Recommended Internet Search Indexes and Websites
  • Internet Search Tools:
  • Dulcinea: Sweet Search

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