RSPlanner Science Eutrophication of Weiss Lake

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Due Dates:
Paper due:
Debate is:

Writing Requirements:
  • 1 page typed, double spaced worth 10 points
  • Handwritten is acceptable but will NOT receive 10 points
The following points should be considered during the writing:
  • What is eutrophication?
  • What is Weiss Lake? (Think tourism and fishing)
  • How is Weiss Lake affected?
  • How is your group affected by eutrophication?
  • How does your group contribute to eutrophication? (Phosphorus contribution)
  • What are some ways that your group can stop or decrease its contribution to eutrophication? (Compare options and develop a plan)
  • How will you get the money to carry out your plan?
  • What are the pros and cons of your plan? (Example: costs, jobs, time)
  • Your group's plan should NOT negatively impact any of the other groups.

Debate Requirements:

  • Participation in debate worth 5 points
  • Of each of the groups, which group contributes to eutrophication the most?
  • Does your group's plan decrease eutrophication the most?
  • Does your group's plan have more pros than cons?
  • Can you find flaws in other group's plans?
  • The BEST plan is the one where there are no losers
  • The BEST plan is where everyone benefits in the long run

Tip: Refer to page 232 in your textbook and packet given in class for a brief introduction, the five groups, and possible solutions.

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