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  • Students! It is your job to select and examine an artifact/artwork that relates to one of the topics presented in your Social Studies class with a focus on the time period you are currently studying and those you will be studying shortly. During this project you will be creating a database visible on the Internet showing your thoughts and ideas on your chosen Artifact or Artwork.

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Please follow these instructions carefully:
  1. Add your name to the correct spot on the sign-in sheet.
  2. Establish your LIBRARY Username: <Class Period>+Teacher+<Computer Number) Example: 7Mumma15
    • This is very important: Incorrect Usernames may result in lost points on this assignment.
  3. Choose your search interest and focus from the following list:
    • Akkadian
    • Alexander the Great
    • Amorite
    • Assyrian
    • Babylonian
    • Canaanite
    • Classical Greece
    • Carthaginian
    • Chaldean
    • Egyptian
    • Greek Archaeological Sites
    • Greek Artifacts
    • Greek Civilizations
    • Greek Sculpture
    • Hebrew
    • Hellenistic Greece
    • Hittite
    • Later Interpretations of Ancient Greece
    • Later Interpretations of Ancient Rome
    • Mesopotamian
    • Moabite
    • Persian Artifacts
    • Philistine
    • Phoenician
    • Roman Archaeological Sites
    • Roman Artifacts
    • Roman Bronze Works
    • Roman Byzantine Period
    • Sumerian
  4. Use your selected focus keyword to search the Wilson Art Museum Image Gallery* in order to find an Artifact/Artwork of interest. Mr. Mumma must approve your choice. The Artifact/Artwork you select must fall into one of the following categories:
    • Amphitheaters
    • Ceramics
    • Chariots
    • Clothing Styles
    • Coins
    • Cosmetics and Hairdressings
    • Engineering Achievements
    • Furniture
    • Government Buildings
    • Homes or Apartments
    • Jewelry
    • Monuments
    • Mosaics
    • Murals
    • Musical Instruments
    • Paintings
    • Pottery
    • Roman Baths
    • Ships
    • Temples
    • Theaters
    • Tombs
  5. Once you have chosen your Artwork you may print out the record page (the picture with the information). This page has everything you need to find the picture again.
  6. We suggest examining the artifact in the "enlarged" view.
  7. Examine your chosen Artwork for representation of the culture of the focused time period and in accordance with your appreciation of art.
  8. Use the picture of the Artwork and the Wilson Art Museum Image Gallery*'s provided Artwork information to complete the "Recording Worksheet" you were given in class.
  9. When you have completed your "Recording Worksheet" including your grammatically correct sentences, please enter your responses on the form below!
    • If you want to you may type your paragraph in a Word Processor with a spell checker and then copy and paste the paragraph into this form you may do so.
    • CAUTION! If you "Press Return" once you have one or more words in the last entry on this form your entry will be accepted and CANNOT be edited. You may submit a new form and the most complete entry will be used for grading.
  10. Entering the "Persistent URL" onto the form

*Notice: The Wilson Art Museum Image Gallery is an online subscription database that is subscribed by the school. At home access is only available to CMS Library Patrons via a username and password. Interested patrons should ask the CMS Librarian for a copy of the @Home Booklet with passwords for all online databases and tools. This database is a commercial product whose content is not maintained by the Hempfield School District.

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