Transferring Files from One Locaiton to Another Using Moodle:

  1. Access Moodle:
  2. First time users must enroll in the Course:
  3. Access Moodle
  4. Set up Profile if necessary
  5. Click on "See All Courses"
  6. Scroll down to CMS: CMS Library Media Center
  7. Click on CMS Library Media Center
  8. In left hand menu, click on "Enroll me in course"
  9. Once enrolled, this proceed is skipped in future access
  10. @School (Or First Location)
  11. In Course, scroll down to section "2: How-To Resources"
  12. Select "Home to School (One file)" -or- "Home to School (More than one file)"
  13. Click Browse Button and locate file on computer
  14. Click Open
  15. Click Upload button and wait while file loads.
  16. Exit Moodle ("Logout" is at top right of screen)
  17. @School (Or Second Location)
  18. Login to Moodle again
  19. Click on Course: CMS Library Media Center
  20. Scroll down and click on link you selected to add file to (one file or more than one file)
  21. Once in, you can access file by clicking on its title. (We suggest saving immediately to new computer desktop.)
  22. Exit Moodle ("Logout" is at top right of screen)
  23. Important Notice to students who are using this Moodle to transfer files between home and school and from school to home! The newer version of Microsoft Office creates files that are not compatible with the school's version. If the file you have created on your home version of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or Excel ends with an "X" (ex. .docx), the file will probably not be visible nor usable on school computers. Attached below is a PDF file created by Mrs. Allen of our district's Technology Support staff that explains how to save your file in a format that will be compatible with the school's software.

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