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NoodleBib (NoodleTool Website) is Hempfield's recommended online citation tool. This subscription service is now available in all schools in the district. NoodleBib guides students through the citation process, formats most of the information, and creates a downloadable "Works Cited" page that students can cut and paste into their documents. Instruction and tips on the use of this online tool is provided on the Research Support NoodleTools webpage on this website. Appropriate links follow:
  • NoodleBib Login (See CMS Librarian for username and password)
  • NoodleTools Getting Started Sheet
  • Access using your standard Hempfield Username and Password.
  • The CMS Librarian can help you obtain your password if you are new to the school.

CMS Librarian recommended procedure for creating MLA Bibliographic Citations with NoodleBib:
  1. Get the CMS MLA Worksheet for the type of medium you are citing. (Downloadable PDF files are available in the next section of this webpage.) If you are unable identify the type of media, view the PowerPoint on the MLA Support Page in this website on Determining Media Type. If you select the incorrect medium, NoodleBib will present you with the wrong set of textboxes to complete. Correct MLA citation format is very dependent on the correct media choice. This program will only create good "Works Cited" pages if you provide it with the correct choices.
  2. One by one find the information for and fill in each of the bibliographic parts listed on the CMS MLA Worksheet chart. Note the column on the left side of the chart denotes the bibliographic parts, the physical location of the part information, and some formatting tips. Remember to skip parts not found unless noted "Do Not Omit". Most formatting of part information is no longer necessary since we will be using NoodleBib to create the Works Cited page. The only formatting that must be done by the NoodleBib user is correct capitalization.
  3. Access NoodleBib
  4. Use the NoodleBib procedure list on bottom left hand side of CMS MLA Worksheet to get to the fill-in text box webpage.
  5. Use the information on your completed chart information to fill in the text boxes on this page. (The right hand side of the CMS MLA Worksheet chart provides the name of the NoodleBib text boxes you should be completing.)
  6. Complete ONLY the NoodleBib text boxes that correspond with the filled-in boxes on your chart.
  7. NoodleBib cannot capitalize entered information. Capitalization instructions and a format check are part of the program but the physical capitalization of letters must be done by users themselves. The first letter of all words in a title must be capitalized. The only exception to this rule is that articles, prepositions and conjunctions that are not the first word in the title do not need to be capitalized. Also the first word in all parts of the citation are also capitalized.
  8. View NoodleBib presentation below for further information.

Creating a NoodleBib Account

  • Select the “NoodleBib” link on the Destiny homepage in the “Tools” category.
  • On the NoodleBib page click on the “Create a Personnal ID” button
  • On the next screen the Username is already filled-in but you need to enter the password which is in your @Home Access Booklet. Note: You will only use this password for creating an ID not for accessing the program.
  • On the next screen you will be asked to create a unique personal ID and password. Be sure to remember both of these because accessing the same account every time is essential to making the best use of this online tool which will help you create and retain your bibliographic citations in “Works Cited” page format.

Starting a "New List" or Works Cited Page

  • Start by clicking on the “Create a New List” icon
  • Then click “MLA Advanced”
  • Name Your List (It is suggested you put the subject and the topic. Example: SocialStudies: Holocaust)
  • Select medium-type from the pull-down list.

Sharing Lists with the CMS Librarian

  • You can share your NoodleBib Lists or Works Cited pages with the CMS Librarian.
  • When you have created all or most of your citations and want them checked do the following:
  • While looking at citation list in NoodleBib click the Share button.

  • Enter your First and Last Name in the My Name box
  • Enter "CMS Librarian" in the Class Name box
  • Click Share

  • The CMS Librarian will look at your work and provide comments on your citation. What your librarian sees is show in the graphic below. Student lists will show comments.

CMS Librarian Newly Created NoodleBib Worksheets

These worksheets reflect the 7th edition of the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers. They have been revised and simplified to provide support for student use of the NoodleBib bibliographic citation tool. Each PDF file below includes a copy of the CMS Library's New Note-Taking Worksheet.

The old MLA By-Hand and NoodleBib Merged Worksheets are still available

at the bottom of this webpage!



PDF Worksheet File



Book, Non-Alphabetically Arranged


Book Article, Alphabetically Arranged


Book Article in a Well-Known Reference Book


Book Article in a Multi-Volume Reference with a Different Title
for Each Volume


Book Article in a Subscription Database


Book, Entire eBook


Magazine Article


Magazine Article in a Subscription Database


Newspaper Article


Newspaper Article in a Subscription Database


Pamphlet in a Subscription Database (CultureGrams)


Photograph, Graphic, or Artwork


Photograph, Graphic, or Artwork in a Subscription Database


Internet Webpage that Stands Alone


Internet Webpage in a Group

Old PowerPoint Presentations

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CMS Librarian's OLD MLA and NoodleBib Worksheets

These worksheets reflect the new 7th edition of the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers. They are designed to be used to either write citations "By-Hand" or create them using the NoodleBib citation tool.

*All MLA Bibliographic Worksheet PDFs come with a Note-Taking Sheet*

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