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Follett Destiny Catalog (OPAC)

Access Instructions


Searching Instructions

Basic Search

  • Enter thoughtful Search String in Find textbox (Help Below)
  • Click on Search you want to conduct
  • Keyword Searches: Looks in all fields in all records for a match with your search term(s)
  • Field Search (Title, Author, Subject, Series): Looks in the selected field of all records for a match with your search term(s)
  • Stop Words: "Stop Words" are words that are completely ignored in your search string. Destiny's "Stop Words" follow: a, an, and, are, as, at, be, but, by, for, if, in, into, is, it, no, not, of, on, or, such, that, the, their, then, there, these, they, this, to, was will, and with. Stop words are not ignored in Phrase Searches. See below for more information on Phrase Searching.


Power Search

  • In order to better control of your search and get better results you should understand what the "Power Search" offers you!
What it Does?
BOTH strings must be in the record
black AND cat
EITHER one of the strings must be in the record
dolphins OR porpoises
first string but NOT second must be in the record
dolphins NOT football
" " (Phrase)
searches for two or more strings SIDE by SIDE
"American History
"asterik" (Truncation)
searches for all strings that start with letters prior to "*"
good example: dolphin*
bad example: cat*

  • Taking advantage of the Power Searching nets better results


  • The above search directs the search in the following manner:
  • The program will search for "dolphin*" in the subject field of each record in the database. The "*" conducts a Truncation Search.
  • ...Truncation Searches will search for all words (strings) that start with the letters prior to the "*". In this case "dolphin". Purpose: We wanted to search for both terms at the same time (dolphin and dolphins)
  • ...since the "NOT" Boolean search word was selected between the two string ...it will remove any of the results of the second search from the results list.
  • ...the second search is for the word "football" and because "Keyword" search is selected it will search in all fields of each record.
  • If you wanted to you could change "Location" to search the entire school district, "Material Type" to select medium, "Publication Year" to select copyright dates, or select a "Reading Program"
  • For more searching tips see the Access PA Chart at the bottom of this page.


  • In the preceding example of a resulting record we can see:
  • The string "Dolphins" in the "Explore!" section which lists subject terms
  • and the string "football" will not be found anywhere on this page

Creating Bibliographic Printouts in Destiny

  • Conduct search(es) for the materials you want to add to the bibliography
  • Click on the "Add to List" button to the right of the material title in the results list
  • Go to "Resource Lists" in left hand menu
  • Go to bottom of "Resource List" and set up your list

ResourcesOPACReview.pngAdding Ratings and Reviews to Destiny Records

CMS students are encouraged to add thoughtful ratings and reviews to Destiny OPAC records for the books that they have read. Directions for adding these reviews follow:
  1. Log into Destiny Homepage (Lion Page) with your Hempfield username and password. This webpage is set as the homepage of all CMS library computers. (Log-in button is in top right hand corner of all Destiny pages.)
  2. Search for the book that you want to write the review for.
  3. While viewing the book’s record, click on the “Reviews” tab at the top right hand side of the screen.
  4. Rate the book and/or enter your Review
  5. Once submitted it will be sent to the CMS Librarian for approval.
  6. The librarian will check reviews once a week unless the student notifies the librarian of the submission.
  7. Only thoughtful and grammatically correct reviews will be approved.
  8. For additional information, please contact the CMS Librarian.


ACCESS Pennsylvania is a catalog (index) to most of the libraries in Pennsylvania.
  • The purpose of the OPAC is to facilitate resource sharing.
  • The libraries that have become members of this databases opening share resources with other libraries.
  • The sharing of resources is referred to as Inter-Library Loan
  • Centerville MS Library Media Center is a active member in this program.
  • Inter-Library loans are part of our normal services, which means we routinely lend and borrow resources from other libraries in the Commonwealth.

Searching ACCESS PA

To search Access Pennsylvania you must:

  • Select type of Library (Suggest "All Libraries")

  • Select Type of Search (Suggest: Keywords)


  • Conduct Search (Example: Keyword) and click search

  • Select record from results list

  • View Record

  • View Library Holdings "Click on 1 ACCESS PA Database Library has this item"

  • Search help

  • Acknowledgements:
  • This webpage was created under fair use guidelines and designed for the sole purpose of promoting and encouraging the use of the above research tools.
  • More information regarding the use of the above products can be found at the following two links:
  • Follett Destiny Software
  • Access PA Main Webpage

The images on this page are used for the sole purpose of promoting good research skills of school students. The incorporation of screen captures, icons and graphics on this page are solely for the reason of demonstrating proper and more educated use of these databases.

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